Jexia Javascript SDK

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This is the official JavaScript / TypeScript SDK for interacting with Jexia projects.

Install for NodeJs

With NodeJs you will need to install node-fetch and ws dependencies:

npm install jexia-sdk-js node-fetch ws --save

Install for Web browser

npm install jexia-sdk-js --save

Example Use

const jexiaSDK = require("jexia-sdk-js/node"); // use require("jexia-sdk-js/browser") for browser
const dataModule = jexiaSDK.dataOperations();

const credentials = {
  projectID: "<your-project-id>",
  key: "<your-project-api-key>",
  secret: "<your-project-api-secret>",

jexiaSDK.jexiaClient().init(credentials, dataModule);
  .then(records => console.log("All the records:", records))
  .catch(error => console.error("Something wrong happened:", error));

Developer Guide

Getting Started

Check out the Quick Start Guide for a quick guide on using the SDK in your application.

Api Docs

Check out the Api Docs for detailed view of the JavaScript SDK Api.


You can find all the steps at the Contributing Guide.



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